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This site is targetted for people in this part of Germany who would like to improve their English, I offer lessons to persons in business, school or simply those going on holiday.

Companies on a one-to-one basis, often in small groups for example at:

HVBG in Dresden, BG-Chemie in Maikammer, Kaufhof in Cologne, Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer CropScience in Dormagen & Saltigo and Lanxess in Dormagen and Leverkusen, Bruynzeel in Neuss, Intersnacks (funny frisch) in Grevenbroich, Bogen Imaging in Cologne

Lessons and seminars at: 

WEKA MEDIA in Kissing, Bavaria, BGIA Sankt Augustin, Densply in Hanau, VTG in Düsseldorf, METRO in Düsseldorf, uct in Dormagen, Ergo Insurance Düsseldorf, WestLB DüsseldorfB*A*D in Bonn, SMBG in Münich, a lawyer in Cologne, GHX Leverkusen and Düsseldorf, Hoyer Transport in Dormagen, BASF in Ludwigshafen, TELBA AG in Düsseldrof, Deutsche Pentosin in Dormagen as well as VAW in various locations, and packaging machine companies.  Week long seminars in Poland for Business Executives.

and to targetted groups, i.e. Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics, Laboratories Health and Safety at Work, or Works Security.  

I also provide a 24 hour return CV Service 

41542 Dormagen-Gohr

Tel 02182 / 82 78 22

or UK Tel. 0044 783  395 2410

Telephone No.: 01 63/5 06 32 45 o. 0152 569 62 060

Fax: (0049) 21 82/6 91 74


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